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Welcome to Brambervalleygolf.com,

Getting into the game of golf might set you back a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you see all the amazing clubs, bags and accessories that comes with this sport.
However, you will soon find the spending was all worth it and not anywhere close to done. The best thing to do once you have your clubs is go to a driving range and get a professional to give you some pointers. This will give you a great idea of what the game has to offer and what you need to focus on.


Scoring will become a major part of your game once you start finding your way around a golf course. The scoring will become even more popular when you reach a professional level as the score will determine how good you are and how the other players are doing compared to you.
Be sure to get your handicap rating when you feel a bit more confident. Keep all your score cards and be completely honest on them to get an accurate rating. Having a lower rating than you actually are will make you look like a bad player when challenging other players with the same rating.


Most players feel lost with all the different clubs available when they walk into a shop for the first time. This is why it might be a good idea to buy a kit at first, which will include all the most important and most commonly used clubs. However, these kits will not include certain irons, wedges and drivers. So be sure to add those at a later stage, but for the time being the clubs in the kit are more than enough to keep you busy for at least a few weeks.


Practice is the most important thing for any golfer, no matter of you are a beginner or a pro. Pro golfers actually practice a lot more than you think and end up spending hours each day to prefer their swing. Obviously, most people don’t have time to spend hours on practice each day, which is why it’s important to get as much time as possible on the course and at the range if you want to make a serious leap in improving you game.

The Swing

Your Swing is one of the most important parts of your game, but also one of the most difficult to get right. You might need to spend more than a few hours at the range or simply go for a few lessons that will cost you more than a few dollars. However, the results provided after a pro lesson will blow you away, but keep practicing and always remember the advice.

Getting to Pro

There are a few steps needed to reach a pro level. Most players try to use their club for info, but there are other ways to reach the level you desire. Reaching this level might take a long time, which needs a lot of planning and time. Like with every other part of golf, the most important part is getting in the practice and making sure you increase that handicap.