About Golf

Golf is a game played with clubs and a ball on a course that has a tee to area (where you begin) and a hole (where you finish). Between the tee off area and the hole are various obstacles, such as sand pits and water. The area between the start and finish is called a fairway, which can consist or various grass types. Also be careful of the outer edge of the fairway as it usually has longer grass, which slows sown your ball and is quite difficult to get out.

There are many different clubs that can be used to get out of any situation, but it’s getting out and still making a good shot where it becomes difficult, which is why it’s important to understand what each club is there for and what it can do for your game.

Don’t be too concerned about scoring when you just start out. It’s easy to figure out unless you start playing complicated games with your friends. There are many games that will allow you to play with your friends who play much better. These games are designed to make the scoring fair no matter your skills. They mostly use your handicap rating to make the game fair.

About2Different Clubs

With so many choices available you might find it hard to hold onto the cash in your pocket when walking into a golf shop. There are so many irons, drivers, wedges and putters to choose from. Most designers offer different amounts of loft as well, which could be even more confusing.

Hybrids are also becoming a favorite with players as they offer more high and distance than the standard irons. Many players choose the irons because they are used to them and have become custom to using them. The hybrid might not offer you the benefits that others see with it. Either way, choose the clubs you are most comfortable with.


Once you reach a level where you are a respected golfer, you might want to consider more practice and using some pro golfer techniques. Your practice will take up a lot of your time, which is what it’s like for any pro golfer, but to make that leap from good golfer to pro golfer, practice will need to be your best friend who sees you every day. Did you know most pros spend around 4 hours practicing before any big event?

Getting to Pro

A pro level is what all players desire when they first start out. However, be sure you are on that level before looking at these events. Most player choose to stay in the amateur league, which gives them fair earnings, but a lot more events against easier players and a less intense game environment.

Amateur players are basically pro players who are just ensuring they are good enough for the major events, so under no circumstances should you think these players are not good or can be beaten with at a beginner level. The amateur level is the first place you will be able to win some money and get some great sponsors.