How to Choose the Right Club

This can be something quite confusing at the beginning and even when you reach a more professional level. There will also be a situation during your golf career where you find yourself being unsure about the type of club you should use and since no 2 golf courses are the same, it only becomes even more difficult as your rating goes up.

A typical golf bag usually has all the irons, 1 or 2 putters, various irons and a selection of different woods, but are all these clubs needed? In this article we will look at some standard clubs and what they are used for.


Woods are mostly referred to as drivers these days, but the name wood came from the yearly years of golf where these clubs had a solid wood head. Now, they are make from various types of alloys, steals and even titanium. This is the club with the biggest head and is used to drive the ball 200 to 400 yards. Typically this club is used when the ball is on the tee. There are different types of drives, which has different face angles to drive the ball different distances. Distances are determined by the angle of the face.


There are 9 different types of irons involved with the game. The difference between these is the amount of loft they possess. The loft is the angle of the face, which will determine how quickly the ball goes up in the air and how high.

Irons 1 to 3 are used less loft to get the ball to travel lower and further, irons 4 to 6 are used when the green is less than 170 yards from the ball and finally, irons 7 to 9 get the ball up in the air the fastest, but does not offer a great amount of distance.

In most cases golf bags done have a 1 and 2 iron and they are the most difficult to master. These days, club designers also put the loft closer together and advertises their clubs to hit the ball further. Many players choose hybrid clubs to replace most of the irons.


There are 3 types of wedges that you need to know about. These include the pitching wedge, gap wedge and the lob wedge. A pitching wedge has the ability to send the ball up to 130 yards, which has a fair amount of air to escape and fly over some long grass and other obstacles. The gap wedge gets the golfer drive the ball up to 110 yards and increase the high at which the ball travels even more. Finally, the lob wedge is designed with a loft of 64 degrees, which means it will send the ball almost straight up. This is perfect for when you need to get out of a sandpit and long grass. The ball might not travel very far, but it will definitely get you out.


Putters are used most often. These clubs are used to get the ball into the hole once you are on the green. These do not lift the ball into the air and are designed with almost no loft, which means they roll the ball along the short grass of the green. Various shaft sizes are available to accommodate all players.