Cypress Point Club

The clubs is known as one of the most amazing private clubs in California. Situated near Monterey, the course has an amazing reputation around the world with almost all well-known golfers. The course has a lot of involvement when it comes to its popularity where players get to play along the Pacific ocean with the 15th, 16th and 17th hole. The 16th hole is one of the signatures of the course as it plays over the ocean with only a par 3, but requires long drives and a lot more planning than you might think. The course was ranked second in the top 100 in 2011 by various golf magazines

Cypress2The design

Being known as one of the most noted courses in the world, you can imagine that the designers also soon became quite famous after the events hosted by the course. Alister MacKenzie and Robert Hunter were mainly in charge of the design and development in 1928.

The amazing backdrops that offer interesting play, but also amazing views at the greens were a signature design from MacKezie. The designer simply had an eye for the placement of greens. The 12th hole is one of the most impressive with various difficulties presented along the fairway. This hole is known to challenge golfers in their abilities, while providing one of the most impressive views available on any course worldwide. MacKenzie definitely brought his best work to the course, which includes the design of the 17th hole with a tree right in the centre to make players consider all the possibly plays before taking the new shot and refer to the caddy, which is a requirement for all members 275 members of the course of which only 30 members are locals.

The course

Winding through the coastline dunes, this spotless course drives into the Del Monte forest and rejoins the rocky coast line at the end. The most impressive and signature hole, which is hole number 16, leads to a mid-sized green requiring a 231 yard drive. The hole leads over the Pacific while offering a seafront par 3 along with all the dynamics a player could possibly want. Hole 17 is also a favourite of the course and provides a very similar Oceanside view as the 16th. The course consists of various impressive views, not to mention all the amazing sights and views available as you play through.

The course has been host to a number of memorable golf events over the years. In 1981 the course hosted the Walker Cup, which was the only one to every take place on California soil. The course became more popular in 1991 with the Pebble Beach Nationals for AT&T.

Getting to play on the course might be harder than you think. Unfortunately, players require an invite from a member of the course. This is simply because the course is so exclusive and popular that overcrowding will become a major issue really fast. The annual fees of the course are used to maintain the course. Those fees required are divided between the members, irrespective of how often you play or use the course.