Famous Events

Golf is a massive sports, all of us know someone who enjoys the game if it’s not being enjoyed by ourselves. Some of us might even know a few professional golfers that have won a few impressive tours or championships. At the end of the day, there is no denying that golf is one of the biggest sports around.

Many think the most expensive part of golf is the clubs and accessories, but actually the cost comes in when you reach a pro level and join major events. Most of the time you need someone who can coach you on various levels, which costs money, you need to pay to qualify for certain events and there are many other things that will require you to have you financial planning perfectly in line.

There have been some great events in the past and even better ones coming up in the future. Each country also has its own events, which most people don’t even know about. There smaller events feature some of the best pros who use these events to keep themselves on edge and perfect for the next major event.

Famous2PGA Tour

Every golfer knows what the PGA tour is all about. The company was formed in the early 1900’s to provide a higher level of golf and various events. All you all know these events are still seen as the best in the world and only feature the best ranked players.

To get into the PGA you need to qualify or be invited, which means your game needs to be incredible either way. The PGA tour is where normal professional golfers become famous pro golfers. I’m sure all of you can mention a few pro golfers who are internationally recognized as they played in the PGA tour.

The prize money for these events is usually massive, which makes the event so much more interesting and competitive. Sponsors are of the best at these events and include international companies.

National Tours and Championships

There are actually many tours that golfers join in their own country. It might not have the massive prize pool like the PGA tour, but you will be impressed the rewards they do offer.

Some of these tours also require that you qualify, but it’s a lot less than major tours. Players will find it’s easier to get into these tours, but they still feature many great players. PGA also offers many small tours, which are the ones you need to play at to get seen by the right people and invited to the major tours.

These tours and championships are great fun and many of them allow you to meet pro golfers that stay around the country. Many players use these events for charity funding, but there are also many charity events to take part in. Obviously these tours don’t reward you, but they definitely get you media when you play well.

If you are a upcoming golfer and wish to play in big tours someday, be sure to have a plan that has you playing at the smaller tours around your country. Join small events, but always make sure you are moving up. Practice a lot and improve your skills where possible.