How to get to a Pro Level

There are various steps that will be needed to reach a pro level. Many players start playing from a very young age, but there have been players who started later and still managed to reach a professional level. It all depends on what you start with and how much time you put into your game. No matter where you start the same steps will be taken to reach your level, but with skill things will simply happen faster.

In this article we will run through all the steps from the very beginning. Understand that it doesn’t happen like this for all players, but for most.

ProLevel2Starting Off

Once you find an interest in golf and would like to get into the sport, you might want to go to a driving range and hire some clubs. This gives you the ability to see what you are capable of and what types of clubs you like.

After this, visit a golf shop. Most golf shop owners are pros or know a lot about clubs. Be ready to spend some time at the shop as the pro can assess your game and find the perfect set of clubs for you. Most players buy a set, which is the best thing to start with, it won’t cost too much and will include your most important clubs.

The most important part of the beginning stage is practice. This means spending time at the range to get your strokes perfect and on the course to take on various situations.


Reaching an amateur status will already be a massive accomplishment, but be sure not to enter this level too soon. Be sure to get you handicap rating and improve on it. Find out what the amateur rating is with players around you and make sure you get on that level or better before joining amateurs.

Here you will begin to join tournaments and find yourself invited to closed championships, but one again only if you are good enough. So be sure to have confidence in your game and play really well to make it.

You will begin to practice a lot more on this level to improve your game even more and keep your skills perfect. Getting a pro to assess your game would also be a great investment. You might be making mistakes that can’t be noticed, but can be seen by another player watching you.


There are a few ways to move from amateur to pro. Most players are invited to a pro championship, but keep in mind accepting this invite will take you out of any amateur events, which means you cannot join them anymore.

There are many players who try to get back to amateur became the game is less intense. However, if you feel ready from a pro level, then go for it. Here you will need to prove yourself once again to get invited to the big events.

Reaching PGA and other major events will take a lot more practice and a much better handicap. You would need to standout in the smaller championships. So be sure not to leave the amateur level before being ahead of the other players.