Getting to Pro

Once you’ve gone through the starting steps of your golf career, you might find yourself developing a dream to becoming a pro. Most players have no idea where to start or what steps are needed to reach the pro level, which is why many players who are at a pro level remain where they are.

Most players use their club to succeed though to amateur and pro level, but if you don’t have those options then use these steps to get yourself there. Here we will go thought to steps needed to reach the major tours. Keep in mind your game needs to be perfect and your handicap needs to be right up there with the pros.


Research is one of the most important steps as it will show you what is needed to be a pro golfer. This will also show what is needed from your game skills, which might put you behind at first, but at least then you a have a goal to work towards.

Be sure to look up various tours in your area, which will give you experience on a pro level. Most players focus on the major events, but these smaller events will still provide some great rewards and give you a better idea of pro golf.


Planning is needed once you have all the answers from research online. Now you should have a career plan, but keep in mind that things don’t happen overnight so give yourself a few years to join smaller events and reach bigger event before going to something major like the PGA. Look for tours in your area and tours taking place nationwide. These are steps you need to take before looking at international tours.

Your plan will be a great way to keep you motivated. Also include a financial plan, which will give you the ability to plan properly and present to possible sponsors when interested in joining bigger pro events.

Before joining your first tour on a national level be sure to give yourself a few months to practice and improve on your game. Most of these tours need you to qualify to entering, which means your game needs to be great even before you get into the tour.


The financial planning part is very important. You will need cash to get into clubs, tours and, of course, new clubs and accessories. Getting a pro to access your game will also cost a bundle, but all these things are needed to improve your game.

Reaching Pro

Once all these steps are in place, it’s finally time to reach the pro level. Be sure to have coaches in place to help you through the steps. Most players qualify for the tour, which will once again cost you money, but if you are accepted, you are officially a pro golfer.

Now it’s all about getting more sponsors and finishing well. You will find in most cases your sponsors offer you an additional payout when finishing in the top 10, obviously, you get even more, the higher you finish.