Hard ball vs Soft ball

Many players spend huge amounts of money on getting the perfect set of clubs and accessories, but not so many think about the different types of balls that are available. Many think all gold balls are about the same and that they are simply made by different companies, but this is not the case at all. There are actually a few different ball times, which is determined by how hard or soft the ball is.

The club you use will also have some effect on how far the ball travels and how it feels when you hit it, but what most people don’t know is that the cheaper balls are usually hard and the more expensive balls are softer. So it is worth spending the extra cash and does it really benefit your game?

Hardball2Spending more

Well considering that more expensive balls are not really all that more expensive, it might be well worth your while to buy a set and try them out. There are players out there who don’t really see or feel much of a difference with a more expensive ball, if you are one of those, then by all means stay with the cheaper ball and save money.

Advantages of a Soft Ball

There have been a few studies to see the main differences between a soft and hard ball. The first thing that was noticed is that the softer ball feels much better when you hit it. This means not as much shock travels to your hands and the entire stroke just feels smoother.

They also found that a soft ball has a lot more spin to it, which is a great benefit for players to use spin to their advantage. Ever play with a hard ball and found it rolls way past the point you were hopping for? Well that’s because a hard ball doesn’t spin nearly as much as a soft ball.

The study proved that the softball spins almost 5 times more than the hard ball, which is an incredible amount of spin. Do yourself a favor, go to a driving range with a few hard balls and soft balls. Aim for a spot and you will clearly see the difference. When the hard ball lands it tends to drop and roll for quite far, but the soft ball stops closer to your aiming point because it hold a great amount of backwards spin. This means the ball is slowed down as soon as it hits the ground and comes to a stop.


The study went on to show the different in distance with the 2 balls as well. The study used driver and irons to test the balls to get accurate results. With the drivers and irons the soft ball travels further through the air, but comes to a faster stop once it hit the ground, which is exactly what you want right?

The hard ball on the other hand travelled a shorter distance in the air, but rolled further. Being on a golf course with obstacles, a rolling ball is the last thing you want. The round is never perfectly level, which means you ball ends up rolling in directions you don’t want it to go.