How Scoring Works

Scoring is one of the biggest things that confuse players at first. Figuring this step will provide you with the ability to know what’s required to reach a professional level. This doesn’t mean scoring will make you a better golfer, but it will show you where you need to go in order to improve your game. Many people also realize that professional golfers don’t always go straight to the hole from the tee. There is a lot of planning involved in getting to the green in the best possible way and most of the time this plan turns out to require the least amount of strokes.


There are 3 types of medal scores that will be recorded on a scoreboard when playing pro, but till you get there this score can be kept on a card between you and other players.

The first type id your total number of strokes per hole. This is known as a Medal. A Gross medal refers to the total per round, which means all the strokes from all the holes added together. Finally, a Nett Medal is the total number of stroke for the entire round minus your handicap.

Beginner Scoring

While you still beginning, you might not have received your handicap score, which means you can’t really see if you are improving or not. The best thing to do is keep track of your own score while you play. Always write down the Par score for the hole and the number of strokes you needed to complete the hole.

Each and every stroke you make counts as 1 point. The objective in golf is to get as few as possible points, which indicates a better golfer. As you count your strokes and walk to your ball, have a look at where the ball could have been better placed. If the ball didn’t land where you want it, try figure out why and correct those mistakes.

Professional Scoring

This is very much the same as Beginner scoring, but obviously these players are able to get Par or even under par, which is where the game of golf becomes very interesting and competitive.

Many professional golfers this they are really good and seem to get the ball exactly where they want it with every stroke. However, when these players step onto a course with other pro’s, they quickly realize their skills are good enough or could even use some improvement as all the other players also have the ability to score Par or under par. So one mistake in your game could cost you the lead.

With pro golf you will have someone record your strokes and list your scores on a board. Getting fewer strokes than other players will mean you move up on the board to a better position. The par rating of each course determines the lengths and difficultly, which gives the player a fair idea of what’s needed with every round. Then it’s all about choosing the right club and aiming properly.