How to Perfect your Swing

There are so many ways you will be able to perfect your swing and find a better score on your game from just getting this one part right. A swing is a lot more than just striking the ball. You need to deliver the right amount of power and the power needs to come from the right place, which means you need to stand right, use your body correctly and hold the club right.


Most new golfers choose to practice and perfect their swing, but actually this is one of the ways that take the longest, but has been proven to be useful over the years. At the beginning you need to focus on what you are doing, how you are standing and the action you make when you swing.

Most new players think the swing is all about the arms, but actually it’s got more to do with your back and shoulders. Your arms are only required to bring the club down in line with the ball, which is a lot harder than you think when considering how small the “sweet spot” is on a driver. This is yet another point you need to focus on, which could come from holding the club differently or standing differently.

Many professional golfers choose to line themselves up by placing shafts alongside the ball and behind their feet to ensure they remain in line before the swing, during and after.
Once you get all these steps right you might find yourself still not getting the ball to where you want it to be. This could be caused by many different things, which includes how you stand, movement during a swing, holding the club wrong, not lining up the ball and more. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to follow one of the following steps.

Get Pro Help

Professional golfers are all around and can usually be found at a club. These are golfers who have reached a professional level and choose to help others in their spear time when they are not practicing. Obviously, there lessons don’t come free otherwise they would never have time to work on their own game or go home for that matter.

It might cost you a few hundred, but getting this advice could change your game completely. Be sure that you are happy with your trainer and that you trust his advance before paying for a lesson. The pro will assess your swing and give you different practicing pointers while telling you the mistakes you are making. He might recommend that you take a few additional lessons, but be sure to give yourself time to learn and practice everything he has taught you in the previous lesson.

Train with friends

This is an option that comes automatically most of the time. If you don’t have friends who play golf, you are sure to make a few the first time you go to a course or even a driving range. Some of these might have a much better ranking than you, which you can take advantage of and better your own game. Go play on a golf course with these players and pay attention to the things they do.