Muirfield Village Golf Club

Muirfield Village is more of a gold orientated village situated in Dublin, Ohio, America. The course was founded by Jack Nicklaus who named the course after Muirfield in Scotland. The owner decided on this name after winning the first of 3 British Open’s in 1966, which was also the first of 3 career grand slams. Jack can remains at the course as a statue, situated along the Muirfield drive. The course has hosted various impressive events to this day, which include a PGA event each year since 1976, the Memorial Tournament along with many others.


The owner acquired the grounds in 1966, but only started construction 6 years later. The course officially opened in 1974, which had a great effect on the neighbourhood in central Ohio. Today, the area is home to many CEO’s along with various celebrities including, Jason Day, Jack Hanna, several Blue Jacket players from Columbus, Urban Meyer and more. There are many other things in the community that contribute to the success of the community, but since a very early stage, the golf course had a lot to do with it.

The town is very independent as they have their own neighbourhood council and actually has they own taxing unit that provides everything the town requires from street lights to landscaping.

The courses

The village is home to 2 golf courses that includes the country club where users will also find other sports such as swimming and tennis. However, the Muirfield Village Golf Club is the reason most people visit to either enjoy the course themselves or attend one of the events held at the course.

Muirfield Village Golf Club has had many popular events in history including the U.S. Amateur in 1992, the Ryder Cup in 1987, the Solheim Cup in 1998, U.S. Amateur juniors cup in 1986 as well as the President cup in 2013. The course along with West Virginia course Greenbrier, are the only 2 course every to host the Solheim and Ryder cups.


The owner takes time each year to do various upgrades on the course to allow newer technologies, make small changes to certain aspects to make the course more enjoyable and bigger changes to make things a bit more interesting and challenging for the pros.

Various changes have occurred to certain holes on the course in recent years, which includes lengthening the distance on the 1st, 10th and 17th holes. The owner has also included more bunkers on the 10th and 17th holes along with changing the route of the stream flowing through on the 18th.

Jack also made various change to the driving range and club house to offer a more entertaining view. He achieved this by adding suites that overlook the 18th hole along with a complete redo of the exterior of the club house as well as the interior. After all these changes took place, Golf Digest rated the course as the best in Ohio and 14th in the U.S. The course was rated 53rd in the world with the first ever top 100 list from Golf Digest.