Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach golf Links can be found in the United States of America where it lies on the west coastal line in Pebble Beach, California. The state is home to many other top 100 courses, but in 2001 Pebble Beach managed to get first place with Golf Digest. The course is famously recognised as one of the most beautiful courses in the world with views of the Pacific alongside Carmel Bay where they meet. On the south side of the course, players will see the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, which all round makes the course worth a visit even if you are not a golfer.

Pebble Beach Links is one of four famous courses in Pebble Beach of which Pebble Beach Links is the most popular and owned by Pebble Beach Company. On the premises visitors are treated to a full spa and a selection of 3 hotels. Other courses in the area include The Links at Spanish, Del Monte Golf Course and Spyglass Hill. With all these courses, Pebble Beach might just jump to the top of your list of courses to visit.

The course is home to various world famous events, which includes the PGA tour events all year round. The course has been host to an amazing 6 major championships, including the PGA championships and 5 U.S. Opens. Players will find the course on many different video games as well, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour.


The first idea for the amazing site where the course is situated began as a hotel, known as the Hotel Del Monte that was owned by Charles Crocker. The hotel opened in 1880 during which the 17 mile fairway was used by tourist to view the incredible sites the area had to offer.

Jack Neville and Douglas Grant came up with the idea of changing the grounds into a golf course. The course opened in 1919 where the hotel was still available and a great addition as visitors had the ability to enjoy various benefits while taking advantage of the course offered. Jack Neville had a lot to do with the overall design of the course and chose to place most of the greens along the rocky coast line to capture the beauty of the scenes around. To achieve this, he had to design to the course in a figure 8, which has proven to be quite popular.


The course has hosted various major golf events as mentioned above. However, the course has been famous for these events not too long after opening. In 1926, just 7 years after the initial open of the course, Pebble Beach hosted the Monterey Peninsula Open. Just 3 years after the event, the course hosted the 1929 U.S. Amateur Championships that was won by Harrison R. Johnson.

Pebble Beach then became one of the host courses for the well-known Bing Cosby National Pro-Amateur tours in 1947, which is also known as the Clam Bake. The AT&T championships are still held at the course today and takes place at the course once a year around February as a four round tour. The tour usually ends at Pebble Beach Links on a Sunday, which is also where the champion will be announced.