Pine Valley Golf Club

Pine Valley Golf Course is one of the best golf courses in the world situated in Pine Valley in Southern New Jersey, U.S. The course was rated 1st in the top 100 list from Golf Digest.


Pine Valley has been around since 1913 and was founded by a group of golfers from Philadelphia. The golfers purchased the grounds consisting of 184 acres consisting of sandy, rolling grounds set deep within the pinelands in New Jersey. The designer was George Arthur Crump as he was familiar with grounds from hunting journeys in the area. This gave his a great advantage when it came to the placement of the holes and fairways available to players.

Pine Valley Golf Club was the only course every designed by George, but he set out to create a course of excellent quality by following a few of his own set rules. These included, no holes shows lay parallel to another, none of the exclusive holes should play in the same direction and finally, players should not be able to see other holes on the course other than the one currently played. The designer felt that the course should be designed in a way that requires players to use every club in their bag to get the best round.

As you can imagine, Crump had his work cut out for himself to achieve all these requirements he had. The developer invested great amounts of time and money after selling his hotel in Philadelphia to invest more into the course. Almost 22,000 tree stumps had to be removed with special earth moving equipment, even though during that time not many golf courses were designed with this type of equipment. The course first opened in 1914 where players had the ability to enjoy 11 holes on the course some called Crump’s Folly.

The golf course later spread to an amazing 624 acres, but the course was only 203 acres as the rest remained virgin woodland, which created an incredible view for players from any tee, fairway and green. After George’s death, various well-known designers makes changes to the course that included a 10 hole short course for players.

The club only allows members, but public are allowed to play only when invited by one of the existing members of the club. The 930 current members are all male and have been invited by the directors of the course, which is the only way to obtain a membership at Pine Valley.

The Crump Cup

The Crump Cup is held by the club to memorialize the incredible designer and his efforts. The cup was first held in 1922, which then and today was an invitational amateur golf tour. The tour takes place at the Pine Valley course, which was obviously the ground founded and designed by Crump. The tour consists of a 4 round play, which begins with stroke play and qualifying. The last round usually ends on the last Sunday, September. The public are allowed onto the course for the day where they have the ability to view the course and enjoy the tournament for the finals.