How to Practice like a Pro

When you first start out the best place to go in a driving range. Here you can practice the different stores and what each of the clubs can do. At this level you would need to focus on a spot on the range and try to hit it constantly. Changing clubs might require a closer target so be sure to change for the club. When using any club other than a putter, be sure to give yourself a fair area instead of just a small spot making it difficult for yourself.

Once you start feeling good about your game and have put in a few good hours at the range, go try your game on a course. Here you will find a whole new range of problems that you need to focus on. If your game needs a lot more help, think about getting a pro to help you out. He will be able to give you pointer on where you go wrong and how to fix it. Once again, spend time at the range and work on the tips offered by the pro golfer.

PracticePro2Next Level

After you beginning stage you will find more clubs in your bag and you should have your handicap by now. It doesn’t matter what the handicap rating is as you are still improving. All that matters is that you know what the number is and that you are working on improving it.

To bet a better rating you need to spend even more time at the range and on the course. You might want to consider visiting different courses, which forces you to get out of situations while playing. Becoming a good player on a single course doesn’t mean much as the next course will simply have you realize how little you know.

Training as a Pro

This is where the hard work and dedication comes in. This step should be part of your training program long before you even attempt a championship. Most pro golfers spend a many hours per week on the range and at the course. The rest of the time they are using simulators to improve their game.
With this type of practicing you will need your caddy with you or another pro golfer to practice with. The other person is needed to assess what you do and tell you why things went wrong when they do. There are various tricks pro golfers used to ensure they stay in line and reach the perfect swing every time. Put a shaft behind your feel to ensure you stay straight throughout the entire swing. Many golfers make the mistake of moving their feet during the follow through of the swing. Pro golfers also place shafts along the ball, which ensures they keep the club straight during a swing. The person assessing you will use these shafts to tell you where you were offline and possibly ways to fix it.

At the end of the day training as a pro golfer requires a lot more commitment, ensuring you are prefer with every swing and once again practicing every minute you have.