Professional Help

Help from a professional is actually quite easy to find. These pros are usually available with an appointment at your club or driving range. Bookings can be made at reception most of the time, which is quite convenient. However, just choosing any pro off a list might be a bit of a mission. You don’t know the pro is like, do you trust his opinion, do you really think he knows all he needs to? Well in most cases the club wouldn’t recommend anyone they haven’t tested, so choosing one of these pros shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you prefer to meet a pro before hard, you can always find out when he will be at the club so you can meet.

There are a few things you need to focus on when working with a pro at the beginning of your golf career and there are many other things to focus on when working with a pro on a higher level as well. It’s always a good idea to find a pro that can help you all the way through your career and someone you can trust.


This is always an awkward stage when you first meet up with a pro and feel like an idiot became you have no idea what you doing. This is exactly why you paid for a pro. Stay confident and hit the ball the way you always do. The pro will look at everything you do and correct small things at a time. As you progress, you will find the ball starts to go where you want it to, your swing becomes easier, you are getting better distance and much more.

Getting Better

Don’t hire the pro every time you go to the range. Instead, remember what the pro told you and work on it as much as you can. Once you feel you have perfected his advice, you can get in another class or 2. The pro will then be able to assess you on a higher level, which increases your game ability and sharpens up your skills.

After this lesson you will find yourself needing more time to practice to ensure you get that edge just right. The pro might even put you on a simulator, which gives the pro a lot more info to work with. If there are major fixes required, he pro might even encourage buying a new set of clubs or having clubs custom made. This is to ensure every part of your game is perfect and that you have all the accessories to play a great round.

Being Pro Yourself

The final step is having your pro assess you on a pro level. This means he will be looking for small things to improve. In most cases the pro will request that you meet him on a golf course where he will be able to see how you play the game and where you possibly go wrong. The pro will play with you, so be sure you pay attention to his game and what he does.