St Andrews (Old Course)

St. Andrews is one of the oldest golf course in the world and can be found in the country where golf was first play, Scotland of course. The course is a well-known par 72 with 18 holes and has hosted many great events in history. The original club house, which is also famous and still standing on next to the first tee the course has to offer.


As mentioned above, the course is in the country where golf originated, but even more history goes into the course as it was also the first course golf was played on, which is why it’s known as the home of golf. Many of you might know that golf was ban in the country since 1457 by King James II because of the value of kids who played the sport. However, almost half a century later, the sport once again became popular when King James IV started playing golf himself.

It was not until 1552 that the public were allowed to play on the course. 2 decades later the first gold society was founded by 22 professions, noblemen and landowners from the St. Andrews community. The society grew with a rapid rate, which is also where most of the rules for golf as well know it came from. Many of us would know the Royal and Ancient involved with golf, which is the society that was started back then by these golfers, which is used in golf around the world except for Mexico and the United States.

Early in the 1800’s the St. Andrews town council allowed rabbit farmers to use the grounds for farming, which was an attempt to see if the popularity of gold would survive. A legal battle broke out between golfers and the rabbit farmers on the links, which went on until 1821. The battle ended when James Cheape (a local land owner) bought the links and decided to allow only golf to be played on the grounds.

Influence on modern golf

The old course had a lot to do with the way the game in played today. St. Andrews started out with a total of 22 holes, but players found the first 4 holes along with the last 4 to be too short and were definitely the least favourites. The owner chose to change the course in minor ways, which included combining the first 4 and last homes into only 4 holes. This made a total of 18 holes, which is known as standard today.

Old Course and Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones was definitely one of the most impressive players at the course. The player is also well known as the founder of Augusta National, which is yet another brilliant course. Bobby played various Open Championships at St. Andrews and managed to win 2 of them back to back. However, in 1921 the play hit a ball into a sandpit on the 11th hole and was unable to get the ball out with 4 swings. The player left the course after the event and only returned 6 years later to win the Open Championship. Bobby also managed to win a few amateur championships at the course among many other impressive titles to his name.